Monday, September 24, 2012

Choose Your Own Adventure: Peru

          My choose your own adventure is something linked closely with home for me, or rather for my younger sister, Grace Belew. Grace is a senior at Marshall High School, (the high school I also graduated from) and this past summer she organized and traveled to Peru with The Andean Alliance for Sustainable Development, along with a few of her classmates to help the village of Choquecancha build a greenhouse. Aaron Ebner, a young man from Marshall is the creator of the AASD, which is how Marshall became involved.
The need for greenhouses in the mountains is incredible, because many of the people in the village are suffering from malnutrition, as it is so difficult to grow produce at such elevations in the Andes. I’ve attached a video as well as a link to the Team Peru blog to give some insight into what the project is all about. I recommend typing “food” into the search component on the blog to learn about the sustainable agriculture in the sacred valley.            
According to my sister, her trip to Peru was legendary, and she can’t wait to go back. While they were there they teamed up with graduate students from Monterey Institute of International Studies to work on the project. I am incredibly touched by the photos, (see the Flickr link on the blog, they’re incredible) and my sister’s experience. I hope you will all see this as a different way that food and travel can intersect. 

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