Saturday, November 24, 2012

Process Writing

As with most of my writing in the past I considered writing this quarter to be kind of a puke and finger paint experience. Yes, this is gross sounding, but let me explain. In order to write anything I just have to throw it out there (that’s the puke part) and then rearrange it to make it have some sort of flow, meaning, form etc. (that’s the finger paint part). Therefore, mostly when I write I just have to throw myself headfirst, honestly, into whatever experience I’m trying to convey.
This was no different with food and travel writing however I found the finger paint part to be a little more difficult than usual. I knew almost nothing about journalism coming into the class, so at times this was unnatural and frustrating. As the class came to the conclusion that my food critic piece sounded more like poetic opinion I realized that I was learning something different every day, and I loved it. And well, I’m not looking to become more than a poetic viewpoint anytime soon I enjoyed thoroughly learning about a new style of writing especially through the lens of food.
The whole food and place experiences give a new and dare I say it, fresh look to writing. I know I will never have to go wordless as long as I have food and memories. Apart from that, I can no longer eat a meal without bringing up something from the omnivore’s dilemma, oops.
I found the discussions in class extremely valuable to forming reading responses and interacting with our readings. I also found my classmates’ opinions to be helpful in the editing process. Everyone in our class had such a different perspective and language that any different viewpoint gave me a different way to see my writing and myself. These differences were vital in revision over the course of the quarter.
At times I disagreed with the class’s suggestions, especially with the end of my memoir. The end of that piece was incredibly personal to me and I felt as if I needed to make sure that it rang true with the experience.
Ultimately this course gave me new language, lenses to write through, and a love of food along with writing. Our class became a little opinionated family that helped each other grow in our writing and I am incredibly thankful for that. I now feel as if I have the tools to think more critically, globally, and as a writer thanks to food, place, and our class. 

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